Muscle Builder, December 1960

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
World-Wide Weightlifitng ReviewOscar State5
Photos That Made Bodybuilding History - Charles MacMahon7
Highlights Of The Past - Kurt HelbigGord Venables9
From Skinny Farm Boy To Sensational Physique StarBen Weider11
Muscle Miracles With Magical Enzymes!Joe Weider14
Vlasov - Soviet SampsonIgor Selbanev17
Add 2 Inches To Your Thighs This Speedy WayJoe Weider19
Formula FactsGord Venables21
The Handbalancing CornerE M Orlick22
The Fantastic Training Routine Of Fabulous Arthur HarrisLeroy Colbert24
The Weider Cheating PrincipleClarence Ross27
How Strong Was Herman Gorner?William A Pullum28
Let's Gossip!30
Only All-Out Effort Builds An All-American BackEd Theriault33
The Secret Of Getting A Barbell Overhead And Holding It There!Joe Weider35
Exercise Of The Month - Prone Raise On Bench66

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