Muscle Builder, March 1961

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Highlights Of The PastGord Venables5
Olympic Lifting In RomeOscar State6
The Story Of Charles HarveEd Theriault10
Let's Gossip15
Chuck Vinci - Our Only Olympic Weightlifting ChampGord Venables16
Build Rock-Hard Cut-Up Abdominals with Weider Super-Squeeze SetsJoe Weider18
The Handbalancing CornerE M Orlick20
The Spotlight On Onlympic LiftingAl Murray22
The Biggest Mr Universe Show Ever25
Build 'Gladiator' Pecs With Larry Cianchetta's Unique Chest RoutineLeroy Colbert30
Your Body Is A Living Energy-Burning FurnaceE M Orlick32
Growing Up To Your HipsGeorge R Weaver34
There's One In Every GymGord Venables37
Questions and ANswers62
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State66

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