Muscle Builder, October 1961

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
World-Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State5
Photos That Made Bodybuilding History - Alf Baxter7
Reg Park - The Biggest Star Of Them All!Joe Weider8
Let's Gossip16
From Chump To Champ - The Story Of Louis MartinOscar State20
You Can Learn THese Exciting Stunts Real FastE M Orlick22
Build A Massive Upper BodyChuck Sipes24
Start Ridding Your Artieries Of Fat NowEd Theriault29
Iron Men I Have KnownGord Venables30
The Young Old Timer - Fred MassaroGord Venables33
Muscle Builder's ChartGord Venables34
Build Sensational Traps, Delts, Lats and Serratus With These Unusual Multi-Power ExercisesJoe Weider36
Exercise Of The Month - Iron Boot Kick Out66

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