Muscle Builder, January 1962

Table of Contents

My Success StoryBoris Mussienko5
The Latest Scoop!7
World Wide Wieghtlifting ReviewOscar State9
Bill Bubinski - The John Grimek Of Muscle Beach11
Let's Gossip14
It Might Have BeenIlya Kutsenko16
Build Classical Abdominals With The Weider Bi-Tri-SetTony Bartoli18
Strength Stunts You Can DoDoug Hepburn21
The Snatch For BodybuildersGord Venables22
Happy Birthday Twice A Year!Joe Weider24
From Nothing To World Renown - Dr Kimon VoyagesJoe Weider26
Muscle BUilder's Recipe Of The Month - Big Biceps BouncePaul Thomas29
Try Do-It-Yourself Curls For Massively Muscular ArmsReg Lewis31
Iron Men I Have KnownGord Venables35
Don't Believe It!Bud Parker36
Exercise Of The Month - Bent Arm Laterials66

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