Muscle Builder, June 1962

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
My Success StoryDennis E Vaught Jr5
The Latests Scoop!7
Don't Believe It!Bud Parker9
IFBB Notes And NewsBen Weider11
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State13
Exercise Of The Month - Deltoid Routines15
Peter Hellman - Golden Gloves Champion BodybuilderGeorge Eiferman18
Hackenschmidt - The Immortal HerculesGeorge F Jowett20
I Interview Three World's ChampionsYuri Vlasov22
The Healing PillDr Frederick Tilney24
Chin Your Way To Spectacular MuscularityJoe Weider26
Announcement - IFBB Mr Universe - Mr America ContestBud Parker30
Your Weight-Gaining DietGord Venables31
Your Weight-Losing DietGord Venables33
Filmdom's Fabulous Physique Star - Buck KartalianGeorge Eiferman35
Amaze Your Friends With This Challenging Strength FeatE M Orlick36
Let's Gossip!38
What Are The Best Exercises?Armand Tanny42
How To Train For The Squat Snatch - part 1Bob Mitchell47
Keeping The Records Straight51
Sincerely YoursReg Lewis82

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