Muscle Builder, July 1962

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
My Success StoryRobert Olden5
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
Mr and Mrs AmericaClem Poechman9
The Latest Scoop!11
IFBB Notes And NewsBen Weider13
The Isometric Bodybuilding RacketJoe Weider14
Robert Couture - A Five Month Weider MiracleLeo Robert16
Are You Wishbone Or Backbone?Dr Frederick Tilney21
What Are Amerieca's Chances At The World's Championships?Oscar State22
Learn The Sensational Giant SwingE M Orlick24
What Makes The Champions Tick?Yuri Vlasov27
How I Put My Back To WOrkGeorge Eiferman28
Don't Believe It!Bud Parker31
Blitz Your Muscles To Massive Size With This Bodybuilding GameJoe Weider32
Assistance Exercises For The Squat SnatchBob Mitchell34
Let's Gossip37
How I BUilt My Mr Canada Arms!Charles Harve41
Chet Stoyeck - Our First Success Story Candidate Makes Good!43
The Side PressJoe Weider45
Al Johnson - The Muscleman Who Has Never Touched Weights47
World's Weightlifting Records and Highest TotalsOscar State80
Exercise Of The Month - Peak Your Biceps With This Routine82

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