Muscle Builder, September 1962

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Training The Weider Way Added [...] In Less Than 12 Months!George Danenberg5
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
Tearing A Car License PlateDoug Hepburn9
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider11
Deepen Your Chest And Thicken Your Pecs With This ExerciseLeroy Colbert13
Exposed! The Protein For Gaining Weight RacketJoe Weider15
Don Holinsworth - California's New SupermanGeorge Eiferman17
Spotlight On The Olympics - part 8Al Murray20
How To Triple Your Sinew PowerGeorge F Jowett23
Joe Weider Interviews Steve ReevesJoe Weider26
Let's Talk It OverGeorge F Jowett30
Swing Into Your Handstands Like This!E M Orlick34
Put An Inch On Each Arm In A Month With Heavy Light Super-SetsJean-Charles St Mars37
Let's Gossip!39
1961 World Ranking ListsOscar State40
The Two Hands AnyhowJoe Weider45
Weider In The Land Of WindmillsBen Weider46
Don't Believe It!Bud Parker47
World's Weightlifting Records And World's Highest Totals78
Meet Jerry Winick - Weider Miracle Case82

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