Muscle Builder, October 1962

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
My Success StoryMike Savinon5
How To Tear A Bottle CapDoug Hepburn7
The Latest Scoop!9
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider11
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State13
Exercise Of The Month - Midsection Super-Set15
Tom Drescher - The Super Set King Of San JoseJoe Weider16
What Are The Best Muscle Building Foods?E M Orlick18
Spotlight On The Olympics - Part 9Al Murray20
Sam Calhoun Used Peak Contraction To Build His Mr California ArmsGeorge Eiferman22
What Contests Are Made Of - The 1962 [upcoming] IFBB Mr Universe - Mr Ameirca ContestBud Parker24
Let's Gossip26
Let's Talk It Over - How To Build Super Speed Into Your MusclesGeorge F Jowett28
Why You Should Start Using Weider Weights TodayDr Frederick Tilney32
Who Will Be The First To Clean And Jerk A Quarter Ton?Gord Venables34
The Weider Short Range Cheating Power PrincipleEddie Silvestre36
Training Oddities That Changed Bodybuilders Into ChampionsHal Warner38
You Can Do This Impressive Strength Feat40
Paul Wynter - Sensational Mr EuropeLeroy Colbert42
Meet Richard Meehan - Canada's 15 Year Old Muscular Sensation82

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