Muscle Builder, November 1962

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
My Success StoryBill Parkman5
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
The Latest Scoop!9
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider11
Smash A Stone With Your FistJoe Weider13
Weider Super Methods Changed Mr Mexico Into Mr World!Ben Weider15
The Weider Full Flexibility PrincipleJoe Weider18
Beef Up Your Muscles Like The Washington Big Shots DoDr Frederick Tilney20
How To Train For The Squat CleanBob Mitchell22
Foods For EnduranceChuck Sipes25
Here's How The Famous Bob Walker Built His Fabulous AbdominalsJoe Weider27
With Weider In Kuala LumperKok Kee29
A Challenge From The Cradle Of StrongmenBen Weider31
The Back Uprise On The HighbarE M Orlick32
How Your Muscles Increase In SizeLeo Robert35
A Poor Grip Means Weak ArmsGeorge F Jowett36
Let's Gossip38
The Secret Of Massive MuscualrityLeroy Colbert40
Keeping The Records Straight43
Don't Believe It!Bud Parker45
The Muscle Buidler's Recipe Of The Month - Sampson SoupBen Walters47
World's Weightlifting Records And World's Highest Totals79
Exercise Routine Of The Month - Barbell Rowing82

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