Muscle Builder, December 1962

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
My Success Story - The Young Man And The Sea - Ron AndrewBud Parker5
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
Gordon Meyers - From The Cradle Of ChampionsClem Poechman9
The Latest Scoop!13
IFBB Notes And NewsBen Weider15
Super Powered Forearms - Key To Massive Biceps And TricepsChuck Sipes16
Power Your Workouts With Vigor And Endurance Through Vitamin ELeo Robert20
Pacing Yourself In A Contest - To Avoid Losing LiftsGord Venables22
Meet Mr Definition - Harry ScottGeorge Eiferman24
The Bent Dip Kip On The Parallel BarsE M Orlick26
The Secrets Of Russian SkillsViktor Sinyavsky28
Are You One Of The Millions Of Sub Standard CitizensDr Frederick Tilney31
Blitz Your Muscle To Herculean Size This Unique WayJohn Farbotnik33
The World Famous Weider Muscle Building PrinciplesJoe Weider37
Let's Gossip40
What It Takes To Be A ChampionLeroy Colbert44
World Ranking List - Part 2Oscar State49
Tame Stubborn Calves With Flexed Knee Super-SetsJoe Weider50
Weider In The Land Of BuddhaBen Weider55
Don't Believe ItBud Parker57
Meet Mr Syria - Mahmoud SamaurEd Theriault98

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