Muscle Builder, January 1963

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
My Success StoryArnold Salvati5
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
A Smashing Stunt You Can DoE M Orlick9
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider13
Try This Tri-Set For Mighty Triceps!15
Bob Felker - Hercules Of The NorthwestGeorge Eiferman17
The Secret Of The Two Hand JerkGord Venables20
The Forced Reps PrincipleJoe Weider22
The Miracle Of Muscualr ContractionLeo Robert26
Interviewing Ludwig ShusterichLeroy Colbert28
Why Settle For Less Than Mr Universe?Mrs Reg Lewis32
Get Better Muscle-Building With A High ProteinJoe Weider34
The Rise And Fall Of The SaxonsGord Venables36
The exciting Handstand PirouetteEd Theriault40
Build Sensational Cuts With Ernie Phillips' Unique Training Down Routine!George Eiferman42
Mold Mr America Pecs With THis Incline-Decline RoutineChuck Sipes48
Let's Gossip50
Don't Believe It!Bud Parker53
The Latest Scoop55
Trapezius TartsPatrick Entin57
Weider In GuadaloupeBud Parker58
Little Hints For WeightliftersGord Venables60
World's Weightlifting Records98

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