Muscle Builder, February 1963

Table of Contents

The Latests Scoop5
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
My Success StoryKim Butler9
How To Make Your Muscles Pay OffEd Theriault11
IFBB News 'N' NotesBen Weider13
How "Angle Training" Transformed John Tristram's Mr America PhysiqueGeorge Eiferman15
Spotlight On The OlympicsAl Murray20
Are You An AM or PM BodybuilderJoe Weider22
Weider Research Clinic Monthly Report - Peak Contraction LeversJoe Weider24
You Can Do The Sensational Elbow Planche!E M Orlick28
The IFBB Parade Of Champions!Ben Weider30
How I Developed My Mr America ChestSteve Reeves34
Let's GossipHal Warner39
Isometric ExerciseJim Murray40
Analyzing The ChampionsAl Murray42
You Can Bend Iron BarsJoe Weider44
Little Hints For Weightlifters48
Why You Must Keep Your Waist In TrimRay Schaefer50
Add Fish-Foods To Your Muscle Building DietE M Orlick56
The Elephant Man!Bud Parker98

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