Muscle Builder, March 1963

Table of Contents

World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State5
My Success StoryBruce Horn7
The Latest Scoop9
Meet Mr Surf Festival! John TristramGeorge Eiferman13
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider15
Freddy Ortiz - Weider Miracle Case!Abe Goldberg18
The Champions Analyzed - Tommy KonoAl Murray22
Bioflavonoids and BodybuildingDr Frederick Tilney24
More About Isometric ContractionsJim Murray26
Get The Most From Your ChinsClarence Ross28
Backstage With Bud ParkerBud Parker31
You Can Build A Mr America Physique Faster The Psycho-Cybernetics Way!Joe Weider32
Psychological Preparation For Weightlifters - part 1Philip Guenov34
Muscle Buidler Visits Bill Pearl's GymGeorge Eiferman36
I Developed My Trophy Winning Back With These ExercisesSteve Reeves38
The Front Roll On The Rings!E M Orlick44
Pep PillsE M Orlick46
Range Of Movement Involved In Muscle GrowthJoe Weider48
1962 World ChampionshipsOscar State54
Contest Announcements98

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