Muscle Builder, April 1963

Table of Contents

Steve Reeves - On Whom The Gods SmileClem Poechman5
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
My Success StoryEddy Abdul Hamid9
The Latest Scoop11
IFBB News and NotesBen Weider13
Try Breaking RopeWoodrow Bussey15
Freddy Ortiz - The Powerhouse From Puerto RicoJoe Weider16
Eat More Fresh FruitJoe Weider22
Psychological Preparation For Weightlifters - part 2Philip Guenov26
Short Or Tall - You Can Build A Mr America Physique!Jon Twichell28
Put Inches On Your Biceps With One-Arm ChinsE M Orlick30
Speed Up Your Recuperative PowersJoe Weider34
Build Massive Horseshoe Triceps, My WayLarry Scott36
Let's Gossip40
Spotlight On The Olympic Lifts - part 2Al Murray42
Bill Barad - Florida's Smiling HerculesDr Frederick Tilney46
Developing Broad ShouldersSteve Reeves50
Rules For The Bench PressGord Venables54
Monthly Report - Progression And Variation56
Little Hints To Increase Your Olympic Totals60
Meet Jan SjoberghBoris Sjobergh98

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