Muscle Builder, May 1963

Table of Contents

My Success StoryJohn Spencer5
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
Now They Call Him Garza The Great - Dick GarzaEd Theriault9
The Latest Scoop13
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider17
How I Trained For The Mr Universe ContestGeorge Eiferman18
How Bioflavonoids Influence Muscle GrowthJoe Weider22
Start Now To Build MusclesDr Frederick Tilney24
Weider Power Stand - Your Silent Training Partners!Joe Weider26
Lessons From The World ChampionshipsOscar State32
Mr Universe LegsSteve Reeves34
I Gained 16 Pounds In Just 14 Days!Clarence Ross36
Clinic Monthly Report - Short-Range Power BuildingAl Murray38
Coaching Poland's World Record-BreakersKlemens Roguski42
Let's Gossip!46
Build Terrific Muscles With Tri-Dip Tri-SetsJoe Weider48
Pack Endurance Into Your MusclesJoe Weider54
Rules For The CurlGord Venables56
The Champions Analyzed - Veres Of HungaryAl Murray58
Contest AnnouncmentBud Parker74
Meet Elwood HobrookAlyce Stagg98

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