Muscle Builder, March 1964

Table of Contents

Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State5
Let's Gossip7
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider9
The Latest Scoop11
The Great 1963 IFBB Mr Universe - Mr America - Miss Americana Show12
But Look At Them Now!21
Junior, Senior and Miss East Coast Contest - Biggest Show Ever!Jon Twichell24
From Fat To Fit - The Story Of Scott CooperChuck Sipes27
The "Lucky Acciedent" That Will Give You Greater Power And EnergyClarence Ross32
How To Recover From The Deep SplitAl Murray34
Broaden Your Shoulders With The "Commando 4"Larry Scott36
Gym GemsArmand Tanny40
Beginner Or Expert - You Can Gain A Pound A Day!Dr Frederick Tilney42
Tri-Bomb Your Thighs To Massive SizeJoe Weider48
The Miracle Of How Protein Builds MuscleJoe Weider52
Analyzing The CHampions - Jose FloresAl Murray54
The Questions You Ask About Bodybuilding56
Muscle TalkJoe Weider61
Body Structure In Relation To BodybuildingLarry Scott64
World's Weightlifting Records114

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