Muscle Builder, November 1964

Table of Contents

Incredible But TrueJon Twichell5
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State7
Do's And Don'ts Of Platform Posing9
The Latest Scoop11
Carlos Rodriguez - Pride Of The MarinesJoe Weider13
What I Did To Develop My 20 1/2 Inch ArmsDave Draper22
Shape Up With Sea FoodJoe Weider30
Russian Team Faces Strong International ChallengeDmitri Ivanov32
How I Developed One Of The Widest Lat Spreads In Bodybuilding HistoryFreddy Ortiz36
The Training Wisdom Of Reg Park40
Evaluating Your PhysiqueJoe Weider44
Medical Aspects Of Heavy Weight-Training And WeightliftingJ Dubois48
Build A Giant's Reservoir Of Energy For Bombing And BlitzingLarry Scott52
Hints And Training Tips For Small-Boned BodybuildersBert Goodrich55
Try This Two-Way Attack For Larger CalvesHarold Poole56
The Value Of ConcentrationLarry Powers60
But Look At Them Now!61
1963 World Ranking ListsOscar State83
World's Weightlifting Records98

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