Muscle Builder, December 1964

Table of Contents

Another New Breakthrough In Building Muscles!Joe Weider6
Letters To The Editors9
The Latest Scoop10
Ed Giuliani - He Went Weider All The Way!Dave Draper18
Incredible But TrueJon Twichell25
Answering The Crash-Weight CriticsJoe Weider26
How To Take up WeightliftingSuren Bogdasarov30
Defeat Sticking Points With The New Weider Super Speed Reps Principle!Larry Scott32
The Training Wisdom Of Steve Reeves38
How To Build Powerful, Massive Mr Universe ThighsHarold Poole44
These Foods Build Bomb-Blitz EnergyJoe Weider50
The Amazing Hugo Labra's Arm RoutineArmand Tanny52
But Look At Them Now61
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider81
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State85
1964 Olympic Competition Greatest Lifting Meet Ever98

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