Muscle Builder, January 1965

Table of Contents

The IFBB, FIHC and NABBA Mr Universe EventsJoe Weider5
The Latest Scoop7
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State9
Sound Off Here11
Dave Draper - Now David The Gladiator!Russ Warner13
IFBB News And Notes - Special World Progress ReportBen Weider15
Try Going For That Herculean Chest With The Herculean Bench Combo!Freddy Ortiz20
The Training Wisdom Of Joe Weider26
Here Are My 7 Keys To A Successful WorkoutDave Draper34
Electromyographic Studies Of Japanese Weightlifters Show Muscle Variation In LIftingJim Murray36
My Personal Pound-A-Day Weight Gaining TechniquesLarry Scott40
These Super Protein Recipes And Drinks Build Bigger MusclesChuck Sipes, Jerry Minnich45
Joe Nista - His Exercise-Diet Breakthrough Routine Won For Him The Mr California TitleArmand Tanny48
Try My Mr America Shoc Bombing Technique For Massive ForearmsLarry Scott58
Flash! Olympic Lifting Results81
4 Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesJoe Weider82
World's Weightlifting Records98

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