Muscle Builder, February 1965

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Big Protein Breakthrough Is Here!Joe Weider5
VonLamon - California's Ruggedest BodybuilderMaylen Wiltse10
The Latest Scoop17
Thin Bodybuilders - Bulk Up Fast With These Muscle-Building FoodsChuck Sipes18
How I Built My "Wedge-Shaped" LatsLarry Scott22
The Champinos Analyzed - Vladimir BelaevAl Murray30
Here Are Some Of My Bulk-Building TipsDave Draper34
The 1964 IFBB Mr Universe - Mr America - Miss Americana Contest!Bud Parker40
Exclusive Interview With Freddy Ortiz - How I Tri-Set Bomb-Blitz My Upper Arms48
The Training Wisdom Of Joe Abbenda54
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider63
Worldwide Weighlifting Review98

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