Muscle Builder, March 1965

Table of Contents

Editorial - Why 3 Weider Students Win 3 Mr Universe TitlesJoe Weider5
The Latest Scoop9
Sam Martin - Perfection In SymmetryChuck Sipes10
How To Avoid The Two Most Common Faults Of SplittersAl Murray18
Incredible But TrueJon Twichell21
4 Great Nutritional Muscle-Building PerformersEddie Silvestre22
Use These Iso-Exercises For Shape, Definition And MuscularityHarold Poole26
Russian Report On Over-CompensationV V Mikhailov32
Ligament Strength - The Key To Fantastic Muscular PowerIan "Mac" Batchelor34
The Training Wisdom Of Vern Weaver40
Eat Your Way To Super-CutsLeo Robert50
Letters To The Editors53
They're On Their Way To Muscular Greatness The Crash-Weight Way!54
How I Bombed For Mr Universe Thighs!Larry Scott57
Leroy Colbert's World Health And Sport Center Opens In New York65
IFBB News and NotesBen Weider66
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State98

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