Muscle Builder, April 1965

Table of Contents

Editorial - A New Contest In The Making September 18thJoe Weider7
The Latest Scoop9
His Secret Exercise For Building Classically Shaped PecsEarl Maynard10
Meet Don Howorth - The Almost Mr AmericaJoe Weider18
Letters To The Editors27
Pre-Workout Energy-Building Secrets Of The ChampionsYvon Brunet28
Complete Olympic Games ReportOscar State32
Learn To Build Shapely Cut-Up Arms The Mr America Mr Universe WayLarry Scott, Harold Poole42
They're On Their Way To Muscular Greatness!50
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider53
Don't Be Fooled By The Wheat Germ Hucksters!54
The Muscle Building Wisdom Of Jack Delinger58
Break Through The Doubld-Bodyweight Pressing Plateau With Power Press TrainingBill Miller66
World Weightlifting ReviewOscar State98

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