Muscle Builder, August 1965

Table of Contents

Editorial - Knowledge + Knowhow + Tools = MusclesJoe Weider5
He Cheated Death And Became America's Most Muscular Man - Chet YortonDave Draper8
My Bulk Up Cut Down Diet Will Make Me Mr AmericaChet Yorton18
Ho! Ho! Ho! The Jolly Red Giant Has The Last LaughAl Murray20
How Joe Nista Used Space-Age ExercisesLeroy Colbert22
Splitting The Split RoutineArmand Tanny30
1964 World Ranking ListsOscar State32
Sound Off Here!35
Dave Draper's Progressive Bulk Up Cut Down Diet PlanHugo Labra36
Here's How I Blasted My Arms To 19 1/2 Cold!Freddy Ortiz40
Here Are Sensational Crash-Weight Case Results!76
The Training Wisdom Of The Champions - Ray Schaefer80
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider102
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State108
The Latest Scoop114

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