Muscle Builder, September 1965

Table of Contents

Editorial - Space Age Training Techniques Of The ChampionsJoe Weider7
Letters To The Editors9
The Latest Scoop10
Christopher Forde - Will He Be Our Next Mr Universe?Joe Weider14
Even Top Dogs Must Learn New TricksArkady Vorobyev22
Dial Your Own Physique With These Space-Age DietsJoe Weider24
Bodybuilding And Me, part 1Rick Wayne28
The Sensational Weider Tonnage System!Al Murray30
How Supplements Revolutionized My Bodybuilding ProgramChet Yorton34
Here's The Leg Routine That I'm Banking On To Take The 1965 Mr America TitleFreddy Ortiz36
Improve Your Physique With the sensational Weider Aristocrat Wall Lat PulleyLarry Powers40
IFBB News and NotesBen Weider75
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State76
The Training Wisdom Of Leo Robert78
Muscular Success The Crash-Weight Way112

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