Muscle Builder, March 1966

Table of Contents

IFBB News And NotesBen Weider5
Letters To The Editors7
Popping Questions At Larry Scott8
Combine Heavy Squats With The Reboudn Cheating Principle For Thrilling GainsJoe Weider12
Meet Nick PerrottiLeroy Colbert16
These 7 Food Fallacies Can Wreck Your Bodybuilding Program!Joe Weider22
Space-Age Equipment Helps Build Larger Arms FasterFreddy Ortiz24
The Training Wisdom Of Lynn Lyman60
Make Breakfast Your Bodybuilding Launching PadLarry Scott68
Muscle Builder Salutes The IFBB And Its First 7 Mr America Winners70
Marian Zielinski "Swings" Into Action With A 352-Pound CleanAl Murray78
Sensational Crash-Weight Case Results!80
My Shoulder/Chest Specialization ProgramDave Draper82
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State86
The Latest Scoop88

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