Muscle Builder, June 1967

Table of Contents

Editorial - New Improved Muscle Builder Next Month!Joe Weider7
Sound Off Here9
IFBB News and NotesBen Weider11
Don't Neglect Your ForearmsHarold Poole12
10 Diet Questions Bodybuilders Ask MostJoe Weider16
Cloak and Dagger Abdominal ExerciseDick Tyler22
Tension And More Tension Builds MusclesArmand Tanny24
High Octane Fule For High PerformancesHarold Poole27
Try RIot Bombing For Larger ArmsIrvin Koszewski28
Bill Thurber - Fate Reserved Him For The Strength WorldArmand Tanny30
The Warm Up Approach To Competitive LiftingArmand Tanny32
Power Lifting PanoramaJon Twichell34
American Power Lift RecordsJon Twichell35
Top Ten Power LiftersJon Twichell35
Skim Those Feet - Don't Slam 'EmAl Murray38
American Wieghtlifting SceneJon Twichell40
American Weightlifting RecordsJon Twichell41
Top Ten American WeightliftersJon Twichell41
Massive Triceps For Bigger ArmsDon Howorth42
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State46
World Weightlifting RecordsOscar State47
Peripheral TrainingVince Gironda49
On Target With Mr AmericaDave Draper82

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