Muscle Builder, June 1968

Table of Contents

Editorial - Judge Not . . . !Dick Tyler7
How Sergio Oliva Trains His 21" ArmsHarold Poole8
Gossip Round-UpDick Tyler, Frank Zane15
Sound Off Here17
Peter Caputo - His Muscles Saved His LifeJoe Weider18
Zane's Corner - The Bodybuilder's Training Table DietFrank Zane21
Blood Sugar Builds Training EnergyJoe Weider22
The New Trend - ConditioningArmand Tanny24
The Greatest Olympia Ever StagedDick Tyler26
Vince's Corner - How To Shock The LatsVince Gironda33
Frank Glover - Champions Of The FutureDick Tyler34
Power Lifting PanoramaJon Twichell36
American Power Lifting RecordsJon Twichell37
Power LinesDick Tyler39
World Wide Wieghtlifting ReviewOscar State40
World Weightlifting RecordsOscar State41
Cables Of Muscles From Cables Of SteelHarold Poole42
American Weightlifting SceneJon Twichell46
On Target With Mr AmericaDave Draper82

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