Muscle Builder, August 1968

Table of Contents

Editorial - Why I Am An IFBB MemberFrank Zane5
Sound Off Here7
Gossip Round-UpDick Tyler, Bud Parker9
Arnold Schwarzenegger - The 100 Megaton BomberRick Wayne10
Train With Vitamin CJoe Weider16
Bill Howard Steps Into The 4th Dimension With Quad SetsArmand Tanny18
The Volume and Intensity SystemJoe Weider22
The Battle Of The Giants - upcoming 1968 Mr OlympiaBen Weider24
Power Lifting PanoramaJon Twichell31
American Power Lifting RecordsJon Twichell31
Power Lifting ParadiseDick Tyler32
So You Want To Be A Powerlifter?Jim Murray36
American Weightlifting SceneJon Twichell39
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State40
World Weightlifting RecordsOscar State41
My Mr Olympia Shoulder Broadening RoutineChuck Sipes42
1967 World Ranking ListsOscar State46
On Target With Mr AmericaDave Draper82

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