Muscle Builder, September 1968

Table of Contents

Editorial - Ritual In TrainingArmand Tanny7
Vic Downs - Canada's Greatest BodybiulderBen Weider8
Sound Off Here13
Gossip Round-Up15
Try My Carbo-Tempo Training PlanFrank Zane16
Key MovementsHank Zarco18
What Does It All Mean?Larry Scott20
My Monday Training RoutineSergio Oliva28
Vince's Corner - Forgotten RoutineVince Gironda33
The Bench PressJoe Weider36
Speaking Out On Power Lift JudgingJoe Weider38
Power Lifting PanoramaJon Twichell40
American Power Lift RecordsJon Twichell41
Building Muscular Mass And PowerDave Draper42
American Weightlifting SceneJon Twichell44
Haislop Wins AAU Mr America; Coes Second, Most Muscular45
World Wide Wieghtlifting ReviewOscar State46
World Weightlifting RecordsOscar State47
1967 WOrld Ranking ListsOscar State48
Paul Wynter - Mr PerfectionRick Wayne80
On Target With Mr AmericaDave Draper82

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