Muscle Builder, October 1968

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Great Protein MysteryHarold Poole7
Delt/Arm SpecializationFrank Zane8
Sound Off Here15
Gossip Round-UpDick Tyler, Rick Wayne17
Circuit Training For Muscular Definition and EnduranceJoe Weider18
No Strain - No Pain With B-15Armand Tanny20
Vince's Corner - Random ThoughtsVince Gironda23
The SquatJoe Weider24
Advanced Bench Press TechniquesJoe Weider26
Poer Lifting PanoramaJon Twichell28
American Power Lifting RecordsJon Twichell29
Lifts That Were Never SeenGeorge Frenn, Dave Draper31
American Weightlifting SceneJon Twichell34
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State36
World Weightlifting RecordsOscar State37
Book Feature - Stamina And Athletic FitnessJohn P Jesse39
How I Built My 21 1/2 Inch armsSergio Oliva42
On Target With Mr AmericaDave Draper82

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