Muscle Builder, February 1969

Table of Contents

Eldon Beyerle - A Future Olympic ChampionChuck Sipes3
Gaining A Pound-A-Day4
Editorial - The Price Of BelievingDick Tyler5
Sound Off Here7
Here's My Friday Training RoutineSergio Oliva8
Gossip Round-UpFrank Zane, Dick Tyler13
Judges Say Muscle Density Is The Critical FactorJoe Weider14
The Voltage Concept In TrainingArmand Tanny18
Shopping For Super FoodsLarry Scott20
Try Ken McCord's Stepped-Up Poundage System For Bigger Arms23
Power Lifting PanoramaGeorge Frenn26
PowerlinesDick Tyler27
A Technical Analysis Of The Full SquatJoe Weider28
Vince's Corner - Pull Up and ChinVince Gironda31
Stamina Development - part 4John P Jesse34
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State37
Muscle Density Through Total TrainingDave Draper40
A Challenge Accepted - 1968 Show Of ShowsDick Tyler42
On Target With Mr AmericaDave Draper82

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