Muscle Builder, May 1969

Table of Contents

Editorial - Help!Dick Tyler7
Gossip From The Show of ShowsDick Tyler, Ed Giuliani8
Arnold Schwarzenegger - New PhenomenonJoe Weider12
Building Massive Biceps On The Scott BenchVince Gironda16
Sound Off Here19
Building "Armor-Plated" AbdominalsHarold Poole22
Type TrainingDave Draper28
Diary For A Bodybuilder's DreamKazutoshi Ozasa32
Vince's Corner - Building Up Your Serratus MagnusVince Gironda35
Power Lifting Panorama36
Build Power At Sticking PointsJoe Weider38
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State40
World Weighlifting RecordsOscar State41
Meet Pierre ArchambaultBen Weider42
Stamina Development - part 5, section 2John P Jesse46
IFBB News and FlashesBen Weider49
International Strength SceneOscar State67
On Target with Mr AmericaDave Draper73

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