Muscle Builder, July 1969

Table of Contents

Editorial - Free! Free!Harold Poole7
How To Make Gains That Ar Maximum For YouLarry Scott8
Gossip Round-UpDick Tyler, Ed Giuliani12
Here's My Prize-Winning Routine For Mamoth ShouldersHarold Poole14
The Tail Of The CometDick Tyler19
Sound Off Here23
History RepeatsDave Draper26
Econo-Time Exercises To Restructure Your Calves/AbsJoe Weider28
Pressure And The VitaminsChuck Sipes32
American Power ResultsDon Scott36
Powerlifter Of The Month36
International Power ResultsOscar State37
Flexibitlity - One Way To Boost Your Power TotalsJoe Weider38
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State40
World Records And TotalsOscar State41
Stamina - part 7John P Jesse42
Giant Sets For A Giant ChestDick Tyler46
Letters To LarryLarry Scott51

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