Muscle Builder, September 1969

Table of Contents

Editorial - Victory Without PainDick Tyler7
Gossip Round-UpDick Tyler, Ed Giuliani9
Sound Off Here13
Fautz And GutsChuck Fautz, Dave Draper15
Eccentric Contraction For Power And Muscle GainsJoe Weider19
To Buddy Or Not To BuddyDon Peters25
From Muscles Of Bronze To Stacks Of GoldDick Tyler28
New . . . Drink On WeightArnold Schwarzenegger31
American Power SceneGeorge Frenn36
International Strength NewsOscar State37
PowerlinesDick Tyler38
Powerlifters' CornerJoe Weider39
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State40
World Records And TotalsOscar State41
Lifters' Year-Round Stamina Development ProgramJohn P Jesse42
Total Saturation Bombing For Big ArmsSergio Oliva46

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