Muscle Builder, April 1970

Table of Contents

Editorial - Faith - Support All Bodybuilding EventsDick Tyler7
Sound Off Here9
Gossip From The Show Of ShowsDick Tyler13
Popping Questions At The New Mr AmericaJoe Weider14
Out Of Sight Biceps BombingDave Draper19
From Where I Sat - Part 2 - Mr OIympiaRick Wayne25
The Science Of RepsJoe Weider28
Peters In WOnderlandDick Tyler30
Jr Nationals Power Lifting Report36
Sr Nationals Power Lifting Report37
Powerlifter's ClinicJoe Weider39
Powerlifter Of The Month - James Williams39
1969 NABBA Universe Results40
IFBB News and NotesBen Weider44
Delts That Look Like CannonballsDick Tyler46
Letters To LarryLarry Scott53

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