Muscle Builder, August 1970

Table of Contents

Editorial - It's Now Or NeverJoe Weider7
Sound Off9
RICK-ochetsRick Wayne13
Reg Park ReturnsRobert Kennedy14
Top Ten Bodybuidlers17
Sergio's Treasure ChestSergio Oliva19
Mr Europe ReportPeter Fasching25
The Muscle MakersArnold Schwarzenegger26
Giuliani On ShouldersEd Giuliani28
The American Power SceneGeorge Frenn34
International Power SceneOscar State35
How Don Cundy Trains To Break Deadlift RecordsJoe Weider36
Speaking outGeorge Frenn38
Power ClinicJoe Weider41
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State42
The Bednarski AffairOscar State44
Colombu's Good-Luck CharmRick Wayne46
Weightlifitng ClinicOscar State50
IFBB News And NotesBen Weider52
Dave Draper Is Alive And Well And ThinkingRick Wayne89

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