Muscle Builder, October 1970

Table of Contents

Editorial - Must Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Die So Olympic Lifting Might Live?Joe Weider7
American Bodybuilders Are Paper TigersArnold Schwarzenegger9
Sergio's Back in HarnessSergio Oliva12
Rick-ochetsRick Wayne17
Intercostals For Championship StatusMike Katz19
Sound Off23
IFBB Mr World Show ReportMarc Hankard24
The Effect Of Insta Power On Athletic PerformanceJames R Hanley26
Between SetsDick Tyler29
American Power SceneGeorge Frenn30
Mechanics Of DeadliftingDon Cundy32
Speaking OutGeorge Frenn35
Is It Possible?37
Hercules Visits New York38
Powerlifter's ClinicJoe Weider41
World Records And TotalsOscar State42
World-Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State43
World Ranking ListsOscar State44
The A to Z Of Shoulder DevelopmentChuck Sipes46
IFBB Notes and NewsBen Weider50

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