Muscle Builder, December 1970

Table of Contents

Editorial - Getting Our Thing TogetherRick Wayne7
I Came, Saw, Conqured, and Moved OnLarry Scott9
Between SetsDick Tyler13
RickochetsRick Wayne15
Who Says Musclebuilding Foods Have To Taste BadArnold Schwarzenegger16
Sergio Waists Time Even In BedJoe Weider19
Sound Off23
To Be A DoctorDick Tyler24
Blood Sweat And TearsFrank Zane26
The EmperorRick Wayne28
American Power SceneGeorge Frenn33
Weider FormulaJoe Weider34
International Power SceneOscar State37
Speaking OutGeorge Frenn39
Powerlifter Of The Month - Hugh Cassidy40
Power ClinicJoe Weider40
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State42
Weightlifting ClinicOscar State45
A Chestful Of SecretsBen Weider46

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