Muscle Builder, February 1971

Table of Contents

Editorial - How Big Is GrotesqueReg Lewis7
A Day In The Life Of The OakDick Tyler8
Rick-ochetsRick Wayne13
Between SetsDick Tyler15
Push/Pull Super Sets For Maxi GainsFrank Zane16
The Exploding Forearms of SchwarzeneggerDave Draper19
Sound Off23
How The Champs Spice Up Their Protein DrinksLarry Scott24
The Long Lean Muscular Look (Book Length)Joe Weider27
Don Peters, Unbelievable But TrueJoe Weider28
The Muscular NineJoe Weider29
Slim DownJoe Weider32
Beef UpJoe Weider33
Final Tips For The Long Lean Muscular LookJoe Weider34
American Power SceneGeorge Frenn37
International Power SceneOscar State39
How I Train For Squatting PowerDon Cundy40
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State42
The World's Strongest ManOscar State44
Speaking OutJim Murray46
IFBB Notes and NewsBen Weider48
Letters To LarryLarry Scott88

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