Muscle Builder, July 1971

Table of Contents

Editorial - Can Mere Man Judge Perfection?Franco Columbu7
The Real Mike Katz Stand sUpJoe Weider8
Between SetsDick Tyler13
Here's My Mr. World Shoulder RoutineRick Wayne14
The Great Olympia PosedownRobert Kennedy19
The Night A Legend Died, Sergio OlivaRick Wayne23
The Effects of Drugs on Weight TrainingOscar State28
Bodybuilding's Most Improtant and Historical DocumentBen Weider30
Constitution and RulesBen Weider32
The IFBB Reaches New HeightsOscar State34
Ben Weider Has A DreamJimmy Caruso39
Bananas, Their Muscle Building ValueJoe Weider44
The Top Ten Bodybuilders Of The Year47
Don Peters Inspirational Leg RoutineDick Tyler50
The Forgotten ExerciseJoe Weider54
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State56
World's Weightlifting RecordsOscar State56

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