Muscle Builder, December 1971

Table of Contents

Editorial - Come on in the Water is FineBen Weider7
IFBB "Mr Pacific Coast" ReportDick Tyler9
Sound Off Here13
Here's My Best Chest RoutineMike Katz14
Forging PowerFranco Columbu18
The End of the Lat SpreadRobert Kennedy25
I Challenge You, Sergio!Arnold Schwarzenegger28
Back To YouRick Wayne39
Chris Dickerson is a Weider Method ManRick Wayne42
Rhythmic Forces that Rule Your LifeJoe Weider45
Strategy for PowerJoe Weider46
It's Getting Pretty Deep AgainGeorge Frenn48
World Wide Weightlifting RecordsOscar State48
World Wide Weightlifting ResultsOscar State49
IFBB Notes and NewsBen Weider52
Mr America Goes WestDick Tyler75

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