Muscle Builder, February 1972

Table of Contents

Editorial - Weider Stands For Modern BodybuildingJulian Blommaert7
I Challenge You Casey ViatorFranco Columbu8
Between SetsDick Tyler13
The Arms of Ken WallerMike Katz14
My Favorite Chest RoutineRick Wayne19
The Secrets of Arnold's Success RevealedDr Frederick Tilney25
Taping Larry ScottDick Tyler28
Powerize, Muscle-Up Your DietArnold Schwarzenegger28
Sound Off Here32
Globe Trotting In The Service Of BodybuildingBen Weider33
Concentrate To Become A ChampionFranco Columbu37
Power Lifting Should Go InternationalGeorge Frenn40
The Black Bear Mauls The RecordsBill West42
World Wide Weightlifting ReportOscar State44
RickochetsRick Wayne49
Top Ten Powerlifters Of The YearGeorge Frenn86

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