Muscle Builder, April 1972

Table of Contents

Editorial - Reorganizing the IFBB - Good or Bad?Dick Tyler6
The Golden Age of Bodybuilding Is Now ArrivingBen Weider7
Between SetsDick Tyler9
Sound Off Here13
The Double Split RoutineJoe Weider14
How I Muscularized My ForearmsFranco Columbu19
1971 IFBB Mr Universe, Mr Olympia ContestBob Hise24
1971 World Weightlifting ChampionshipsOscar State36
Win With SteroidsGene Mozee40
Do It Right Without SteroidsGeorge Kaye41
Conditioned Legs Break Squat RecordsJoe Weider, George Frenn44
Exploding The High Protein Low Calorie DietJoe Weider48
Best Carbohydrate Foods51

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