Muscle Builder, June 1972

Table of Contents

Editorial - Muscle Builder Knows Where It's At Before It Gets ThereJoe Weider6
Between SetsDick Tyler9
You Have To Be A Pain Killer To Be A ChampJoe Weider, Larry Scott13
Will The Real Cassey Viator Please Stand UpArnold Schwarzenegger16
Highlights Of The 1971 Mr USA and Mr World ContestMike Katz19
Ken Waller's Chest ProgramDick Tyler25
The One Nation 'Mr World' ContestBen Weider28
Serge Nubret - Comeback Hero Of 1972Joe Weider30
Short Cuts To Physical ExcellenceFranco Columbu37
Ron Collins - Pound For Pound He Beats Them AllJoe Weider38
World Wide Weightlifting ReportOscar State41
World Weightlifting Record Brought Up To Date41
Complete Report On The IFBB Congress, Paris, FranceBob Hise42
Getting Deep Into The Double SplitJoe Weider43
Time For A ChangeBill Starr49

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