Muscle Builder, August 1972

Table of Contents

Editorial - We're On The MoveJoe Weider7
Letters To The Editor9
Building The Waller WallKen Waller12
Growe Up Arnold!Rick Wayne16
Grow Up RIck!Joe Weider17
Tips On PosingBoyer Coe19
Heavy Leg Training For Heavy Leg ResultsFranco Columbu23
Chuck Sipes Inspires Young AmericaRichard Stanfield27
Getting Deep Into The Double SplitJoe Weider31
Vitamize Your DietFrank Zane36
Mike Katz Tells How He Built His ArmsMike Katz38
The State Of Powerlifting In AmericaBill Starr42
Mighty PreciousJoe Weider44
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State48
The IFBB Comes On Strong In Mexico!50
World Weightlifting RecordsOscar State76
Are They Trying To Destroy Bodybuilding As A Sport?Ben Weider79
Attention: Powerlifters And Wieghtlifters!84
Highlights Of The Mr Europe Contest86
Greatest Muscle Shows On Earth88

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