Muscle Builder, November 1972

Table of Contents

Frank Zane Speaks Out On PosingFrank Zane4
Editorial - Our Future Looks BrightJoe Weider6
Powrlifting Beefs - Wrap Up Or Shut UpGeorge Frenn11
Building A Pair of Steel HelmetsFranco Columbu12
Ed Corney, The Increidble Hawaiian TransplantDick Tyler17
Carving SeparationsKen Waller22
Protein - The Biggest Kid on the BlockBen Weider26
Breaking the Progress BarrierMilan Cabric28
Anrold, Sergio, Katz . . . Take A Back SeatRick Wayne30
Rick Wayne . . . Take A Back SeatJoe Weider31
The Massive Chest of Serge NubretArnold Schwarzenegger32
Why Switzerland Affiliated to the IFBBRoger Sauvet36
A Cool Breeze From HellJoe Weider38
World Wide Weightlifting ReportOscar State50
World RecordsOscar State50
IFBB News and NotesBen Weider53

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