Muscle Builder, March 1973

Table of Contents

Editorial - Start TodayJoe Weider7
Amazing Hard Training of Frank ZaneArnold Schwarzenegger15
Sound Off Here16
Traning For A World Record DeadliftFranco Columbu21
Chins, The Key to GreatnessSergio Oliva26
Bodybuilding Reaches New HeightsBen Weider27
Peaking The BicepsFrank Zane28
Big Arnold's Definition BreakthroughJoe Weider32
Improving Your SquatGeorge Frenn36
700-Pound Bench PressDaniel DeWelt38
Senior National ResultsDaniel DeWelt39
World Wide Weightlifting Review - Olympic Games ResultsOscar State40
The Importance of Diet for Buidling Masive SizeJoe Weider42
Puerto Rico, Hotbed of Enthusiastic BodybuildersBen Weider44
Windows of GrowthLarry Scott45
IFBB News and Notes49

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