Muscle Builder, August 1973

Table of Contents

Editorial - Something New! Lifestyles of The StarsJoe Weider7
Has Success Spoiled Arnold?Rick Wayne8
Blasting The Back The Double-Split WayJoe Weider12
The Biggest Cut of AllRick Wayne19
The Thyroid Definition/Bulk ExposeJoe Weider25
Larry Scott's 20" Arm ProgramGene Mozee26
Shocking News For The AAU BodybuilderBen Weider30
Feed-Back: Letters To The Editor33
The Muscle Density Shape PrincipleJoe Weider36
Have A Memorial Summer This YearFranco Columbu40
1973 Powerlift Line-UpDaniel DeWelt48
National Powerlifting ReportDaniel DeWelt49
The Powerlifter's PlatformDaniel DeWelt50
You Be The Editor52
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu86
Ask The ChampsArnold Schwarzenegger86

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