Muscle Builder, January 1974

Table of Contents

Bodybuilders Answer The Hoffman Rip-Off!!Arnold Schwarzenegger7
The Nautilus Machine, A Critcial Analysis - part 2Joe Weider8
Let Me Tell You A Dirty StoryJoe Weider12
I Am Joe's ClafJoe Weider16
Complete Beginner's Bodybuilding ProgramErnest Cottrell19
GossipGene Mozee23
Super Arm-Blasting RoutineJoe Weider24
The Most Mind-Blowing Muscle Contest Ever!Joe Weider29
Building Massive CalvesJoe Weider32
How I Terrorized My ThighsArnold Schwarzenegger36
Is Chemical Bodybuilding The Answer?Gene Mozee42
1973 European Weightlifting ChampionshipsOscar State44
King of LIfts . . . The Deadlift!Ernest Cottrell48
Powerlifter's PlatformDaniel DeWelt50
National Powerlifting ReportDaniel DeWelt51
US Government to Create a Sports BoardBen Weider53
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu87
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger89

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