Muscle Builder, May 1974

Table of Contents

Editorial - Don't Touch The Big "O"Rick Wayne7
The Natilus Machine - A Critical Analysis - part 3Joe Weider8
Meet Louie FerrginoJoe Weider12
Kent Kuehn - The Man Who Came Back!Larry Scott16
The Importance of Developing Powerful TrapeziusFranco Columbu19
Gossip - What's Happening In The Bodybuilding WorldGene Mozee23
Mr America - Mr World - Mr Olympica Pictorial and ReportJoe Weider24
How Arnold Developed His Mind-Blowing CalvesJoe Weider and Arnold Schwarzenegger36
Is Chemical Bodybuilding The Answer ? part 2Gene Mozee40
World And Panamerican Championships ResultsOscar State42
Sound Off Here!44
Confusion In AmericaBen Weider49
The Ups And Downs Of Power Squat TrainingErnest Cottrell50
Powerlifter's PlatformFrank Picha, John Pettitt53
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu84
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger86
IFBB Coming Events For 1974Ben Weider89

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